Factors to consider when you need to hire a web designer

hire a web designer

Need to hire a web designer

Nothing is impossible, there is a solution to every question or problem, this blog helps to find the best web designer for business. Choosing to hire website designer is very critical; the future of your company depends on your selection. A cheap or bad site reflects poorly upon your business. Even if it has an excellent design, it may not be customized. In addition, the perfect web designer will wish to get to know your goals and business better so it may design a website which really conveys your message. Generally, it is believed that many non-technical folks create attractive and creative websites, but the fact is true that always looks and hires a technical person. Thus the following are factors to consider when you need to hire a web designer.

hire a web designer


Create a list of your business website requirements. Look at some websites and save them. It helps to select the best Knoxville website designers as you ask questions that the web designer develops such kind of websites or not, for the business perspective it is a great idea. Also, ask questions like does your business require, trendy, visual, more modern website, look the designer’s ability with his or her past work portfolio.

Check out Web designers Past Work Portfolio

Browse over a company’s portfolio and check all of their testimonials. Do some research to check what other people have said about them? Do you love the designs of the sites in their work portfolio? If you have a certain design you’re considering, are they going to have the ability to develop it? As important as it is that they develop a site which reflects your business goals and profile, it also is vital that the design is good looking. You do not want to wind up with a mundane appearing template.

Ask for the references

Now day’s job of the web designer is very difficult, every company looks for the creative personality, as website design is a tedious job, so better to check out the references, as it helps to explore more easily about the hired web designer.

Hired web designer work on any platform even with CMS too

Many companies hire a designer merely on the basis that she or he design a website, but always look for the quality instead of the fresher, fresher is a good one, but a fresher doesn’t have the skills and calibre so the fresher is avoided if the company looking for the experienced one, but it doesn’t mean that you should deprive the fresher’s, as there are fresher’s who have much more knowledge as compare to the experience, selection is done on the basis of the employee’s ability.

Budget is properly planned

Regarding a company point of view, if the experienced web designer is hired, no doubt it is expensive, what about a new start-up company, for that always look for the mixed one, experience as well as a fresher website designer.

Look whether designer meets your work deadline

Always look for the work portfolio of the hired website designer. Suppose you hired a freelance web designer, clearly indicate the time of the work completion.

web designer education


There are many web designers who take professional web design courses and put it on their web design portfolio. However, it does not guarantee they are competent in all fields of website design. You want to find the people educated in a special field of design for example flash. If you want to have a flash built a website then you go for that designer.


Make sure you also measure the tone and the attitude of your website designer. Talk with him; make sure he is not rude or not welcoming. Make sure you get a developer who will communicate with you during the project. Select an organization which is simple to get a hold of. Communication must be clear on both ends. Not just should they be obtainable to you, you also should always be obtainable to them. So they can develop a customized website for you, they’ll have to have a concise idea of what your business is all about and what type of goals you are wanting to achieve.


Make sure that the web developer can meet the deadline. The time when you need your website to go live must be set and agreed on at the beginning of your project. They may have many ongoing projects so be sure to ask when they can deliver.


The designer should be flexible. They must be able to meet all your requirements such as if you make changes in the design or do not like the current design then he should be able to implement the changes quickly. Ask about the flexibility offered with design changes especially if you are unsure of the concept you need.

Understanding Website Optimization in Today’s Dynamic Web

website optimization

Website developers and programmers will make you think that website optimization is related to CSS, HTML, script, etc. Yes, all this is a part of this, but your website has much more important elements. I’m talking about things that you, as a beginner, can do yourself.

website optimization

Your site should be optimized to do two things:

1) be found in search sites (especially Google)

2) Transform visitors into interested prospects, which will take some measures when they come to your site.

Optimizing a website – all this makes your site more search engine friendly. When Google likes you, it will make sure that the site is easier to find on the Internet. It is also the addition of elements to your site that will transform visitors to your site into interesting perspectives.

There are two important conditions for optimizing a website that you need to know and understand: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Optimization.

total website optimization

Search engine optimization can be further broken down into “Page Optimization” and “Page Shutdown.”

The Optimization page consists of the elements that should be included directly on your site, for example, meta tag optimization, tag headers, target keyword phrases on each page, XML site map, image optimization, internal binding and much more.

Off Page, Optimization consists of creating links to your site from other sites and web properties. Most of these links should come from sites related to what your site is. For example, if your site is dedicated to cooking, you do not need a link from the site about swimming. The more relevant links you visit on your site, the more search engines will think of your site as an authority in your industry, especially if you have links coming from a site that already has a lot of authority.

The problem is that too many people are aiming at creating links before they optimize the SEO factors on the page mentioned above. One goes to the other, but both (one page and off-site SEO) are needed if you want to end up being listed above then your competition in Google. As you know, the higher you are on the list, the more people will see it, which is equal to the increase in traffic to your site.

When all these people visit your site, you need to optimize it to get their attention, to get them to take action. Typically, you want to include images, videos, registration forms (so you can follow the prospects) and everything that interests your target market.

5 great reasons why you need site optimization (and not just SEO)

Here are 5 main reasons why you need to optimize your website for your site, and not just perform search engine optimization:

1: Even if you hit the top 10 for your ideal keywords in the search engines and you get excellent traffic from this, if your site is not optimized for an excellent visitor, then you will be spending the money that you are spending on SEO. This is because your visitors will simply be dissatisfied when they arrive and prematurely leave because your site does not meet their needs (and most likely, instead of your competitor!)

2: By optimizing your site, you also generate additional free traffic for the future. How? As visitors who are satisfied with the website are much more likely to return to the website and, therefore, bring you more revenue (increased purchases, etc.). And such repeated traffic is much cheaper than paying traffic to SEO or PPC!

3: Leading web analytics, such as Avinash Kaushik, firmly believes that to start optimizing your site, you only need 10% of your SEO budget to start optimizing your site to increase the conversion rate. Because of this, website optimization often
gives you the opportunity to improve your return on investment and increase your Internet revenue than search engine optimization.

4: Some of your competitors are more than one step ahead of you and are already starting to optimize the site in addition to SEO. As a result, their best site lures your disgruntled site visitors from your site and instead earns money. Go ahead, start asking, to see what your competitors are doing. This is especially true with Knoxville web design.

5: You need to understand that optimizing a website affects your visitor when they come to your site and how they are converted for your purposes (for example, buying or registering something). Search engine optimization affects the visitor before they reach your site in real search engines. If you’re just doing SEO, you ignore the on-site experience for your visitors and instead are more concerned with getting them on your site.

To learn more about optimizing a website, I suggest you read a book, such as “Website Optimization: Hourly Per Day,” which is a step-by-step guide to improving your website so that it attracts and converts more visitors to your website site.

About WordPress Websites and Why They Are Great For Business

wordpress websites

About WordPress Websites

Having a website is an important introduction to your services. A clean, fast loading and google friendly site will help your customers to engage. If you want to have a flexible and dynamic website that is easy to use, and if you want to continually add content to this site or even blog without hassle, WordPress may be the option for you.

wordpress websites

What is WordPress

WordPress is an open source website hosting platform, which is used by brands such as Sony, the New Yorker, BBC America and Sony Music. WordPress can be used to design any type of website. One out of six websites on the internet is created using WordPress, and because it is an open source site, it has a well established community who are able to offer support and assistance. G Squared Studios builds all of heir client websites with WordPress.

Why would I choose a WordPress site?

When creating a website, there are many different templates to choose from, and you can install Plugins in order to expand your site. An experienced designer is able to use code to customize your site, creating something that is unique to your needs. Themes are attractive, and once you have your website, it is easy to maintain and very secure.

Web designers often choose to create WordPress sites because they are quick to create and make an affordable option for clients. Small changes are easy to manage. When you choose a WordPress site, your budget can be utilized to ensure an efficient and unique site which will be easy to use.

WordPress has an option to convert your site for mobile users. It is also search engine friendly. Google likes WordPress, and the site enables you to create tags or keywords for search engine optimization.

wordpress designer

Do I need a website designer to use WordPress?

You don’t need a web designer to create a site for you. This is because there are many free and easy to use themes. However, if you’d like a site which is customized to your business, and which presents something special to your clients, a web designer is the way to go. If you choose to have your website designed, you can choose to run your business instead of your website. If you feel uncomfortable or inexperienced with your site, a designer will take the pressure off you, enabling you to have an efficient site without the worry.

Is WordPress safe to use

Yes, because the company is open source, it is constantly being updated for security purposes. This means that your website will be free from hackers or viruses. WordPress has been around for over ten years now, and has a large community who constantly contribute to updating and securing the site.

WordPress is easy to use with social media

Social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn enable you to engage your clients and create dialogue. A WordPress site gives you the option to share on social media via social media buttons at the bottom of your articles or page. This means that clients (or you) can promote your company, encouraging new visitors to your site, and opening up new opportunities for interacting with clients.

Videos are easy to upload to your site, offering your clients an interactive experience, where they are able to access helpful information quickly and concisely. Web clients are often impatient, preferring quick and easy answers, rather than a lot of reading, and using social media and multi-media enables quick and effective information.

Easy engagement with potential clients

As a result of your site being so easy to use, update and add new information to, your visitors may find your site helpful. New content keeps them coming back. In addition, an easy to use site which is regularly updated means that google will prioritize your site, appealing to new clients. WordPress has the option for comments, which means you can dialogue with your visitors, who can ask questions at the bottom of a post. This enables you to engage with potential clients. It also enables you to understand the questions being asked by possible clients, and where you might either add new content or insights to explain your business, or explore a gap in the field which would offer new benefit to clients.

The ability to dialogue with clients, answer questions or continually update your content in response to questions enables you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

WordPress provides a quick, easy and effective way to create an online presence. This is an opportunity every business owner could benefit from.