About WordPress Websites and Why They Are Great For Business

About WordPress Websites

Having a website is an important introduction to your services. A clean, fast loading and google friendly site will help your customers to engage. If you want to have a flexible and dynamic website that is easy to use, and if you want to continually add content to this site or even blog without hassle, WordPress may be the option for you.

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What is WordPress

WordPress is an open source website hosting platform, which is used by brands such as Sony, the New Yorker, BBC America and Sony Music. WordPress can be used to design any type of website. One out of six websites on the internet is created using WordPress, and because it is an open source site, it has a well established community who are able to offer support and assistance. G Squared Studios builds all of heir client websites with WordPress.

Why would I choose a WordPress site?

When creating a website, there are many different templates to choose from, and you can install Plugins in order to expand your site. An experienced designer is able to use code to customize your site, creating something that is unique to your needs. Themes are attractive, and once you have your website, it is easy to maintain and very secure.

Web designers often choose to create WordPress sites because they are quick to create and make an affordable option for clients. Small changes are easy to manage. When you choose a WordPress site, your budget can be utilized to ensure an efficient and unique site which will be easy to use.

WordPress has an option to convert your site for mobile users. It is also search engine friendly. Google likes WordPress, and the site enables you to create tags or keywords for search engine optimization.

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Do I need a website designer to use WordPress?

You don’t need a web designer to create a site for you. This is because there are many free and easy to use themes. However, if you’d like a site which is customized to your business, and which presents something special to your clients, a web designer is the way to go. If you choose to have your website designed, you can choose to run your business instead of your website. If you feel uncomfortable or inexperienced with your site, a designer will take the pressure off you, enabling you to have an efficient site without the worry.

Is WordPress safe to use

Yes, because the company is open source, it is constantly being updated for security purposes. This means that your website will be free from hackers or viruses. WordPress has been around for over ten years now, and has a large community who constantly contribute to updating and securing the site.

WordPress is easy to use with social media

Social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn enable you to engage your clients and create dialogue. A WordPress site gives you the option to share on social media via social media buttons at the bottom of your articles or page. This means that clients (or you) can promote your company, encouraging new visitors to your site, and opening up new opportunities for interacting with clients.

Videos are easy to upload to your site, offering your clients an interactive experience, where they are able to access helpful information quickly and concisely. Web clients are often impatient, preferring quick and easy answers, rather than a lot of reading, and using social media and multi-media enables quick and effective information.

Easy engagement with potential clients

As a result of your site being so easy to use, update and add new information to, your visitors may find your site helpful. New content keeps them coming back. In addition, an easy to use site which is regularly updated means that google will prioritize your site, appealing to new clients. WordPress has the option for comments, which means you can dialogue with your visitors, who can ask questions at the bottom of a post. This enables you to engage with potential clients. It also enables you to understand the questions being asked by possible clients, and where you might either add new content or insights to explain your business, or explore a gap in the field which would offer new benefit to clients.

The ability to dialogue with clients, answer questions or continually update your content in response to questions enables you to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

WordPress provides a quick, easy and effective way to create an online presence. This is an opportunity every business owner could benefit from.